Wolverhampton's first Mayor, G B ThorneycroftThe Mayor of Wolverhampton is the First Citizen in the City.

The Office of Mayor is the highest honour the local authority can give to a Councillor as, he or she is recognised as being second only to Royalty and Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant.

The role of the Mayor involves:

  • acting as an ambassador for the city
  • encouraging a sense of civic pride amongst local young people
  • promoting the city regionally and internationally
  • fostering good working relationships with local industry and business
  • supporting local charities and community groups
  • attending religious and cultural events of all faiths and denominations
  • chairing council meetings
  • receiving local, regional, national and international visitors
  • representing the city at civic functions and engagements

The Historic Role of the Mayor's Office

Wolverhampton's first Mayor, G. B. Thorneycroft, was elected in 1848. This was more than six centuries after the first English Mayor was appointed back in 1189 when The Mayor of London, was appointed by Richard I.